UK Academics and Professionals to End TB (UKAPTB) Network Meeting: Strengthening partnerships across the UK to end TB

Event 26 Jan 2024

The LIGHT consortium is supporting and participating in in the first in-person UKAPTB network (The UK Academics and Professionals to end TB) event which will be held at the Spine Liverpool on 26th Jan 2024. The UKAPTB network will be welcoming UK-based TB researchers, academics, health professionals, civil society, development partners and affected communities. It is hosted by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

The meeting aims to keep the momentum and energy from the United Nations High Level Meeting on the Fight Against TB in 2023 to ensure that we are partnering effectively both in the UK and globally across disciplines, stakeholders and sectors to follow through on commitments and contribute as best we can to ending TB by 2030.

Through an informal, interactive environment, the specific objectives of the day are to:

  • To learn more about UKAPTB, how to get involved and linking with networks in other countries
  • To raise awareness of TB research UK academics and health professionals are involved with and seek collaborative opportunity and
  • To strengthen partnerships towards TB elimination in the UK.

To learn more about this event, visit UKAPTB event page or click on the agenda and key speakers.