LIGHT "Did You Know?" Series

LIGHT "Did You Know?" Series

The LIGHT Consortium "Did You Know" series focuses on explaining, simply, a range of complex topics and concepts that are at the heart of our work.

This series focuses on understanding the differences between sex and gender, defining what gender is, exploring sex and gender-based analysis, and knowing what it means to be gender-responsive.
You can download the full "Series 1: Gender" as PDF; or you can watch each of the four episodes on YouTube by clicking on the episodes titles below.

Episode 1: Sex is not gender
Sex and Gender are terms used every day, often interchangeably. This episode looks at their distinct meanings and the roles that both sex and gender play in our overall health and wellbeing and its importance in health research.

Episode 2: Understanding gender terminology
Do you know your gender roles from your gender norms? This episode will help you to understand the different terminology used when discussing gender.

Episode 3: Sex & gender-based analysis
Sex and gender can be analysed in a variety of ways to help people understand the impact they can have on our lives including our health. In this episode we look at what these analyses mean and the difference between them.

Episode 4: Gender Responsive
This episode will explain how an activity, policy, programme or service can be gender-responsive and how they can be moved from being gender-unequal right through to being gender-transformative.