Photovoice: Participatory Research Approach

What is Photovoice?

Photovoice is a participatory visual research methodology engaging with the lived experiences of people to stimulate dialogue and social change within their communities. Photovoice invites people to document and reflect on issues that are important to them and determine what they want to bring to the forefront as they tell their stories.

Within global health, photovoice has been applied to amplify the voice of marginalised communities or people who have been marginalised on account of their health issues.


Photovoice Workshops

LIGHT conducts photovoice projects, combining photography, storytelling, and dialogue, to create platforms where decisionmakers, practitioners, and researchers listen to the lived experiences of people from TB-affected communities and to engage with their ideas for improved access to TB services.

The LIGHT team conducts workshops with researchers, policymakers, practitioners among others to teach and practice photovoice methodology in LIGHT's partner countries.

NIGERIA (10-11 May 2023): ZRC delivered, in partnership with LSTM, a two-day photovoice training in Karu for healthcare workers, academic staff at Bingham University, and ZRC staff. Participants learned about the principles, ethics, and steps of photovoice research and conducted a mini-photovoice project themselves.

NIGERIA (7 Jul 2023): ZRC engaged TB stakeholders from national, state, and local governments and civil society in a photovoice workshop in Abuja. Participants were introduced to photovoice methodology and ZRC’s photovoice project “Participatory learning and action for gender–equitable access to TB services in Karu, Nigeria.”

PARIS (14 Nov 2023): The LIGHT Consortium, in partnership with SSHIFTB, is delivering a 3-hour workshop at the Union Conference 2023, titled "Arts-Based Participatory Approaches to TB Research Promoting Community Empowerment and Social Change: The Photovoice Methodology". Participants learn the principles and components of photovoice research as they take part in a mini-photovoice project looking at positionality and power in TB research.